Naso - Chappel of the Rosario


In 1649 the city of Naso commissioned the marble worker Bartolomeo Travaglia decorations of the chapel, to be carried out "in the same shape and color, the chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary of the convent of Santa Cita in Palermo".
The sumptuous decoration "mingling tramischio and rabisco" is one of the most important masterpieces of sculpture seventeenth-century Sicilian.



The side walls are articulated by pilasters decorated with elegant chandeliers "mingling", resting on a base animated by large shelves in relief and regents an elaborate entablature.
Each of the walls has five mirrors, which are home:
- A panel made with flowerpot
- Three niches with statues of saints
- And a panel with an elegant chandelier.
Great garlands of fruit and frames scartocciate relief adorn the side niches and the central one, while large birds and lively cherubs, give all the marble covering a sense of animation and panache worthy of the best traditions serpottina.
The shrine contains the rectangular frame host the late Mannerist painting (1580-1581) of the Madonna del Rosario.
While the altar has an elegant marble frontal marble, on which the sides two pretty cherubs holding up the table.