Nebrodi Park


The territory of Nebrodi Park offers the opportunity to carry out a number of hikes. Among the many possible itineraries, we suggest the following ones:

Agrifoglio Trip


Leaving from the territory of Militello Rosmarino, loc. Fontanazze, the itinerary crosses a woodland and the hamlets of Agrifoglio, Faitedda, and Palettone, anto Maulazzo Lake in the territory of Alcara Li Fusi. The trail gives the opportunity to see very interesting environments in one day: elements of Mediterranean maquis, oak woodlands, cultivated fields, meadows, beech tree woodlands - mixed at first and pure after - with the presence in the undergrowth of wonderful specimens of Holly, and wetlands.

Woodland Mangalaviti m. 1518 and Serra del Re m. 1754


These are places of extraordinary beauty and charm, belonging to the territory of the Municipality of Longi. At lower altitudes, these areas are characterized by ancient Turkey oak woodlands, with some remarkable specimens, whereas at higher altitudes there are thick and imposing beech woodlands, mixed to Maples, Ash trees, Holly shrubs, Yews, Wild pears, and Crab trees. Both the fauna and the riparian vegetation along the several watercourses are very rich. All across the woodland, which can be reached from Longi and Galati Mamertino, through Portella Gazzana (979m), there are amazing panoramic points. Moreover, the Park Authority has prepared here a didactic route for environmental education activities. It is an easy ring-route housing the most representative botanical and wildlife species of the Park territory.

Biviere Lake (1278 m.s.l.m.)

Situated within the Municipality of Cesarò and covering a surface area of about 18 hectares, Biviere Lake is the most important high-mountain wetland in Sicily for its great naturalistic value and its particular vegetable and animal population. The very rich flora is influenced by the periodical variations of the water level, leading to a horizontal zonation of the vegetation, which can be divided into six strips, according to the various dominating species. Moreover, the presence of water in a mountain area covered with beech woodlands represents a privileged reference point for the life of several aquatic bird species, as well as for the stopover of migratory birds. A natural phenomenon which is worth a mention: during the summer, the water of the lake turns red because of the blooming of a micro algae calledEuglena sanguinea.

Pisciotto Lake


The ideal destination of a naturalistic itinerary accessible for people with disabilities is Pisciotto Lake, which is situated at over 1,200m above sea level in the territory of Tortorici, one of the Municipalities of Nebrodi Park.
The Park Authority, in collaboration with voluntary associations, has already organized more than once guided hikes in one of the most charming wetlands of the Park, during which you can admire various resident and migratory bird species.


Rocche del Crasto


The tour to Rocche del Crasto is very interesting: they are rocky formations of calcareous nature, with deep fissures, situated within the territory of the Municipalities of Alcara Li Fusi, Longi, and S.Marco d'Alunzio. Several species of birds of prey and predators build their nests on these harsh and inaccessible architectures. Gorgeous panoramas open up on the summit.

Portella Femmina Morta - Monte Soro - Maullazzo Lake - Biviere Lake


After leaving Portella dell'Obolo (1,503m asl), go downhill along the road SP 168 and, after about 1 km, turn left and follow a road which, asphalted only in its first stretch, runs along the edge of an oak woodland. According to the slope exposure and consequently to the soil structure, the Beech and the Turkey oak are in these places entirely integrated and intermixed: the undergrowth is very rich and mainly represented by the Holly, which in some stretches reaches a considerable size, but also by butcher's brooms, blackberry bushes, hawthorns, and wild pears.

Trail of the Springs


The hiking itinerary develops on the southern slope of Nebrodi Park in a mountain territory characterized by gentle slopes giving these mountains a reassuring aspect.

Alternative routes: the route offers different alternative itineraries which can make it longer or shorter.
Some alternative routes (departure from "Segheria" above Porticelle Soprane) give the opportunity to go along the itinerary by mountain bike.