Castle Bastione


In the light of historical documents available so far, it is not possible to know the exact date of construction of the "Tower of Trappeto", but it is assumed, apparently, that the factory can be dated back to the XIV century., When spread in the surrounding plain (as in much of Sicily) the cultivation of "cannamele". Its existence is documented for the first time, in a historical report on "Marine of all the Kingdom of Sicily" did prepare Emperor Philip II in the second half of the '500.
It is confirmed that in the coastal strip crossed by the torrent Zappulla, there were two artifacts fortified to guard many of Trappetti "cannamele": one in Pietra di Roma (in the current City of Torrenova), and the other called Malvern "Tower of Trappeto".
There is no doubt then, that its purpose was primarily the defense of the plantations from pirate raids, very frequent on the opposite coast (see Salvatore Sidoti Best, "Urban History of an area- forming Nose and constitution of Capo d'Orlando; and. Holly, pp. 16-17). It is also known that in 1570 the Trappeto of Malvern was in full swing, and had economic relations and trade with Banco Dear Palermo. A historical event, confirming the defensive character of the building, is narrated in the book by Charles Anvil "Nose Illustrated" (Naples, 1882- reprint 1975 Giuffrè, Milan), about a ship of pirates who, on the end of the fifteenth sec., would be buried "with a cannon pulled from above" (the fact is also reported in another pamphlet of poems Cav. Saverio D'Amico that dedicates an ode to this event entitled:
"Capo d'Orlando attacked by Algerian pirates (XV)".
Along the course of the centuries the castle was always in the hands of the Barons and Counts who ruled until 1788. Nose (Del City of Naso was part of the territory of Capo d'Orlando in 1925).
Next to it there was the oil mill and several houses for the accommodation of the peasants.
Since I reveal in 1811, it learns that the castle was in possession dell'Ill.Conte D.Bennardo Ioppulo and Fardella under cureria of Ill.Cav.Don Dominic Pape of Pape of Bologna Spadafora ... "and, among other things, had its relevance "..due trappeti .. homes will nourished for the silk ... and twenty other homes terrane in the existing estate of Malvern ..." (more than ten other houses in Capo d'Orlando).
In 1815, the castle with all appliances, figure instead in the hands of "..donna Caterina Branciforte, widow of Leonforti, and now Princess of Butera .." (from I reveal the same year; see: Salvatore Sidoti, op. Cit .).
Around the middle of the last century it was bought by a rich English owner, a certain Maria Eugenia Johnson (C. Anvil, op. Cit.), The wife of that Cav. Saverio D'Amico, from whose descendants, recently, the City bought it ...................