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Piccolo villa in the hills of Capo d'Orlando, in the province of Messina. Built in the early twentieth century, there lived Teresa Mastrogiovanni Tasca Filangeri Cutò, who moved there from Palermo with his sons: the poet Lucio Piccolo, painter and photographer Casimiro Small, Small and Agata Giovanna, fond of botany.
The Museum of Villa Piccolo, run by the Family Foundation Piccolo Calanovella, was inaugurated in 1978. Inside are preserved portion of goods that belonged to the family, works of art, paintings, ceramics, antique weapons, books, prints, documents and there are the autograph letters of his cousin Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa.
The collections of the house-museum reflect the philosophy of the Piccolo, who believed in culture as a means of spiritual elevation, enjoyed by all, without hindrance or discrimination. In the visitors there are tens of thousands of signatures of people arrived in the Villa of Capo d'Orlando from all places of the world.
Visiting the Museum Foundation Piccoloyou realize how intimately and fiercely Sicilians were Lucio, Casimiro and Giovanna. Here are kept the testimonies of the poetic genius of Lucio, the eco (as we would say today) of Agata Giovanna, pictorial art and esoteric interests of Casimiro. And remember, too vivid, of inventiveness, of extravagance, the quirks of the three brothers, it seems at times trespassing into a mythical dimension.
Inside there is a collection of "magical watercolors" Casimiro Piccolo, but also other works: the early paintings and portraits, some of rare beauty.
Along with the paintings, there are also photographs: shots, that reveal the artistry of Baron Piccolo Calanovella and that can be divided, in turn, in family portraits, fragments of rural life, portions of the garden with butterflies and beetles , and those relating to "modernity" advances. And the house-museum keeps its cameras, along with palettes, drawings and thoughts that seem to merge, to redefine the contours of the same value tract
The rooms of the house-museum remind visitors of the passions of the Little Brothers and in each environment are concentrated keepsakes and identification of the characters who lived there.
In the room of Lucio Piccolo collected some of his photos and the first prints of his poems, framed, along with objects and loved ones, he said, full of inspirational value of the past, while the room of Agata Giovanna, with its chandeliers and pink its embroidery, offers the visitor the discovery of the world of this kind woman, who loved to show your passion for gardening and cooking.
It is emblematic, the room in which habitually resident in summer Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, first cousin of Piccolo. Here, on a desk, the last autograph letter that the author sent Gattopardo Villa Piccolo, just a month before he died.
The steps and the corridors are decorated and hung with paintings, objects, photographs and memories. Among these, an ancient chest travel: one-piece, whose complex lock theft-proof reveals the ingenuity and technical expertise of those who built it, but also a grand piano, testimony to the passion for the music of Lucio Piccolo, which it was also fine composer.
The house-museum moves in a continuous play of light and shadow, which penetrates into each room. Now you can see the magic of the garden where the Villa is located, now the plain of Capo d'Orlando, to the sea, which opens the doors of perception to the views of the Aeolian Islands, now, on the right the Monte della Madonna overlooking the country, stroked behind him by Lipari and Vulcano: echoes and images seemingly distant, they do their own input in this house: ocean of silence and vantage point, from which the Piccolo Calanovella observed the world and its rapid becoming.